Values & Accountability

Our foundational values are reflected in the following guiding principles:

Operational Expenses

Prudent fiscal management and utilization of local resources enable us to direct 90% of donations & small grants to the communities we serve.


All our financials are systematically audited by third-party independent auditors and given high marks for accuracy and adherence to administrative procedures.


We integrate the principles of integrity, transparency, consistency, and responsibility in all aspects of our programs.


We strive to ensure fair access, gender equality, and opportunity for all regardless of gender, race, or economic status.


We seek to develop creative and appropriate solutions to local challenges by thinking out of the box and adapting the most appropriate solutions to a variety of challenges faced by isolated rural communities.


We encourage collaborative partnerships between diverse stakeholders with similar goals.


We respect the power of like-minded individuals to initiate and sustain meaningful and long-lasting transformation despite all obstacles.


We rigorously pursue high quality outcomes in a collaborative culture of discipline, commitment, and optimism.