Since 2004, AMURT-Haiti and our implementing partners such as DESPRI and InnovEd have touched the lives of tens of thousands across Haiti through a wide range of capacity building and leadership, environmental, infrastructure and productive entrepreneurship interventions.

These include:

  • 26 Million USD in implementation grants and projects invested directly in the communities
  • 90% of funds going directly to project implementation
  • 11,000 Metric Tons of Quality Sea Salt is the Production Capacity of our Social Entrepreneurship Pilot Salt Works
  • 1.2 Million USD in Projected Gross Annual Revenue after 2021
  • 3,000 women organized in Self-Help Group Associations with 485,000 USD of self-generated Savings and Loans
  • 72% of Estimated Drop in Gender Violence in Organized Communities
  • 230,000 Tree Seedlings Planted on Average Each Year since 2005
  • 2.9 Million Tree Seedlings Grown in our 8 nurseries and Planted since 2005
  • 1,600 Households Growing and Transforming Moringa for their Nutrition Needs
  • 82% Drop in Infant Malnutrition in Communities Utilizing Self-Grown Moringa
  • 60 Million Square Feet of Watersheds Terraced and Protected
  • 45% Increase in Water Source Volume in Protected Watershed
  • 400 Schools Participating in Lekol Vivan Networks of Professional Development
  • 1,680 Educators Completing InnovEd-UniQ’s Lekol Vivan 2-year program
  • 52,000 Students Impacted by Child-Centered Innovative Pedagogies