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The Urban Ecology Program is based at Sant Felisite Sineyas, REV’s model Community Learning Lab.  Working toward model ecological design, the site has 8 composting toilets, 8 rainwater catchment systems, a composting site, a tree nursery, a permaculture demonstration site and an organic garden.  Two agronomists and three technicians give around the clock workshops on various urban permaculture principles.

The goal of the urban ecology program is to train and accompany educators, community members and children in basic permaculture principles.  The urban ecology modules taught at Sant Felisite Sineyas are experiential and process-oriented, seeking to replicate the ecology principles in the community.

The urban ecology program focuses on the following principles and hands-on activities:

    • Permaculture – principles, techniques

    • Composting – generation, maintenance, usage

    • Horticulture – tree nursery management, maintenance, tree planting, nature cycles

    • Integrated water management – rain catchment, grey water usage for tire gardening

    • Urban gardening – tire, square-foot, stacked, raised bed

    • Moringa – powder transformation, nutritional and medicinal aspects, planting, care

    • Composting Toilets – construction, principles, hygiene, compost maintenance