In partnership with organizations such as Trees Water People, AMURT has implemented a series of integrated agro-forestry initiatives in Communes Anse Rouge and Terre Neuve since 2005.  Focusing on the establishment of model demonstration parcels, the initiative introduces sustainable methods of land and water management with a strong social leadership and accompaniment component.  Programs target soil conservation, composting, tree nursery management, watershed protection training and initiatives, staggered mixed-forestry systems, etc.

The Ti Plas model site is an example of the potential for environmental transformation in this otherwise arid region.  This rocky valley surrounded by treeless hills has transformed into a forested land with rich soil and changed micro-climate.  Five years since its establishment, this model farm now contains a water catchment system and reservoir, tree nursery and Moringa forest, and a demonstration and hands-on training center. 

From 2012 onward, AMURT supports its implementing partner LOCAL-Haiti to accompany local communities in improving production methods and increasing yields of agro-forestry activities.

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