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Can you support 1 child’s education this year?

Based on yoga philosophy, this special place is a loving, joyful refuge and a beacon of progressive, learner-centered pedagogy for 15,000 residents of a tent camp.

Sant Felisite Sineyas (meaning The Sineyas Center for Happiness) opened its doors following the earthquake to provide a safe space for children, teens and families.  Since its opening, it has blossomed into a learning center for more than 2000 community members. Teachers receive regular training and coaching, and it has become a model site for innovative pedagogy. 

Sant Felisite Sineyas provides kindergarten & primary school for 300 children, ages 3-12.

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Can you support 1 child’s education this year?

For $1 per day, the child will benefit from innovative pedagogy, daily vegetarian meals, art, music, dance, sport, karate & Yoga.

$1/day per child = $25 per month x 10 months = $250 per year

We encourage Sineyas Partners to send contributions at the beginning of each semester:

$125 by September 15

$125 by January 15

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Your tax deductible donation will go directly to supporting Sant Felisite Sineyas.

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