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Since 2009 ESPRI-Sel has implemented a strategy of developing a social entrepreneurship model of salt production which will invest all of its revenues in community development initiatives.  As part of this strategy the initiative has been establishing the Modernized Salt Production Cooperative (MSPC), building infrastructure and creating alternative grassroots governance structures in its 10 local shareholder communities. 


•    To organize the 10 shareholder communities in a cooperative managing both operational aspects
     and revenue investment

•    To complete the MSPC facility’s infrastructure, begin operations and train the admin/logistic staff

•    To iodize, pack and distribute 8,000 MTs of salt annually

Revenue Repartition

The annual revenue of the MSPC is projected to reach 640,000 USD annually. The Net Income
resulting from the sale of the salt will be split into 3 parts

Expected Outcomes

•    The 10 villages benefit from salt revenues and finance their own development initiatives

•    The quality of life of the population of the 10 villages improves

•    A new product of high quality iodized salt is introduced to the Haitian market covering 20% of
     the national demand

•    250 full-time positions are created, improving the working conditions for 200 harvesting women

•    The socio-economic balance of the commune is improved through the creation of sustainable
     livelihoods, direct revenue investments and formation of cooperatives

•    Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) rates in Haiti are significantly reduced


•    20,000 community members from the producing villages directly benefiting from the MSPC revenue

•    100,000 residents of Commune Anse Rouge benefiting directly or indirectly from the revenue
     through the Community Development Fund

•    1.6 million Haitians have access to locally produced iodized salt