The strategy of ESPRI-Sel is also to extend the social entrepreneurship model to the traditional salt producers, by building their capacity to form cooperatives and improve the quantity and quality of their salt harvests, eventually transitioning into modernized salt methods of production. 


  1. To form associations of small producers that receive training and accompaniment to improve their salt production methods using Modernized Salt Production Cooperative (MSPC) as a demonstration site

  2. To produce higher quantity and quality salt, with incentives for the traditional producers to consolidate their harvests with that of MSPC

  3. To provide harvest guarantees by the MSPC, encouraging small producers associations to transition into cooperatives and adopt modern methods of production

  4. To form a federation of cooperatives unifying all national salt production

Expected Outcomes:

          • Incomes of the small producers increase

          • 1,500 small producers receiving training and technical accompaniment

          • One unified high quality product reaches the market

          • Small producers are able to comply with upcoming government salt industry regulations

          • The traditional production area gradually transforms into unified sites with interconnected basins

          • The social fabric and dynamic of the salt-producing area improves

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