Ministry of Agriculture (BAK and DDA-A):
communal and departmental coordination of operational activities, networking and liaising with government agencies

Ministry of Health (MSPP):
national ISS coordination and communication, including iodization aspects of salt production

Local Authorities (Magistrat, ASEK, KASEK):
information sharing and participation in the CDF allocation decision-making

Fonds D’Assistance Economique et Sociale (FAES):
investment in ESPRI-Sel social and economic activities

Haitian Government (Deputy Anse Rouge):
information sharing, networking and liaising with government entities

UNICEF’s Nutrition Department:
coordination, link to funding agencies, information sharing, iodized aspect of salt production

Inter American Development Bank (IADB):
funding and expertise

World Food Program (WFP):
distribution of iodized salt product, funding activities in DRR and infrastructure improvements through cash/food-for-work, information sharing and coordination

Micronutrient Initiative (MI):
funding and expertise

TechnoServe – HIFIVE (USAID):
business training and accompaniment of small producers and cooperatives

Progressive Cooperatives–Haiti (pcH):

training and accompaniment in cooperative participative methodologies


funding and networking

Other Actors:

University of Notre Dame (UND), Grameen Creative Lab, local associations and organizations active or with vested interests in the salt and DRR sectors

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