“Off the Mat, Into the World” visits Sant Felisite Sineyas

Celebrating Carnival at Sant Felisite Sineyas

AMURT’s Music VIdeo

AMURT - The Movie

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“N’ap li ansanm!” - New Library at Sant Felisite Sineyas

Training Partnership with yogaHOPE

Article by Recent Training Participant

Allison Rose reflects on her Haiti tripNEWS_Allison_Roses_article_.htmlNEWS_Allison_Roses_article_.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0

Ministry of Agriculture’s Representative Speaks about ESPRI-Sel

Pascal Adisson highlights the ESPRI-Sel strategiesNEWS_Training_ESPRI-Sel.htmlNEWS_Training_ESPRI-Sel.htmlshapeimage_17_link_0

AMURT-Haiti’s Spring Newsletter

Introducing our partner LOCAL and our three pillars REV, ESPRI-Sel and TERNEWS_Spring_Newsletter.htmlNEWS_Spring_Newsletter.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0