AMURT-Haiti’s mission is to reinforce local capacities through a participative approach while promoting Universal values.  This mission has guided our education and child protection programs in Haiti since 1986, helping to introduce innovative and culturally appropriate child-centered methodologies.

AMURT’s 2012 education and protection strategy focuses on creating a strong capacity-building initiative to serve educators, communities and local organizations through training and accompaniment. The initiative has 3 components – Teacher Training, Model Community Learning Lab and Capacity-Building. 

The first component focuses on creating curriculum materials and facilitating training sessions targeting kindergarten and primary school educators and community leaders.  The training team consists of curriculum developers, master trainers, community organizers, and consultants, who develop and facilitate regular training modules in progressive, learner-centered methodologies.  

The second component focuses on the Model Community Learning Lab, Sant Felisite Sineyas. This site serves as a hub for a growing range of educational activities with an important positive impact on the surrounding communities.  By continuing to deepen its quality, diversify its programming, and strengthen its capacity for self-management, the program seeks to create a sustainable model of high quality learning using the resources of the local community to the fullest. 

The third component focuses on building the capacity of local organizations and communities.  A multi-pronged approach includes training in participatory learning and action, vocational & literacy skills, psychosocial wellness tools and rights-based leadership.  Capacity-building is key to promoting a strong social fabric and building the foundation for conscious community change.
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