Sant Felisite Sineyas is REV’s model community learning lab which serves as a hub for a growing range of educational activities.  By continuing to deepen its quality, diversify its programming, and strengthen its capacity for self-management, the program seeks to create a sustainable model of high quality learning using the resources of  the local community to the fullest. 

Sant Felisite Sineyas currently has the following ongoing programs:

• Kindergarten & Primary School: 300 children ages 3-12 attend a daily play-based learning program

• Teachers Training: Ongoing professional support is provided to all teachers by teachers; collaborative        curriculum design & regular team-teaching for implementation of innovative child-centered strategies

• After-school Enrichment: Up to 400 children ages 7-10 enjoy a choice of SKYMAD activities – Sport, Karate, Yoga, Music, Art, Dance; Literacy & numeracy skills are developed through these activities

• Youth Groups: Teenagers learn vocational skills & participate in cultural activities while improving      literacy

• Capacity Building: Literacy, vocational, yoga, self-help, & community organizing workshops daily

• Urban Ecology: Workshops on urban gardening, compost toilets, permaculture

• Ceramics Studio: Community members learn both commercial and artistic skills for ceramics production

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