When AMURT first arrived in Commune Anse Rouge in 2004 our field assessments showed that most social conflicts were connected to the scarce water resources in the area.  Integrated water management thus became a priority in a five-year development strategy. Identifying the strengths and the challenges faced by the population using a participative approach, together we drafted a series of regional water management agreements involving seven villages and 15,000 people.

The highlight of the Integrated Water Management Initiative has been the rebuilding of the 22km long Ti Plas – Coridon water system.  Destroyed in 1998 as a result of a conflict between the villages, this failed water project had been considered by the Government as a major challenge.  Between 2005 and 2006, AMURT’s initiative helped the seven villages rehabilitate the entire water line, build 12 reservoirs and water kiosks, 3 km long irrigation canals, and a community water park. 

The initiative resulted in significant reduction of social conflict in the Commune, and improved access to water for more than 15,000 residents who previously had to walk hours in order to reach the nearest water source.  

Since this first success, the initiative has helped more than 24 villages rehabilitate their water systems and protect their water sources.  Infrastructure projects include irrigation canals and drinking water systems, community reservoirs and household bio-sand water filters helping more than 50,000 residents of this isolated region have access to clean water. 

From 2012 onward, AMURT supports its implementing partner LOCAL-Haiti in accompanying local communities to improve the management of scarce water sources.

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