Rooted in Yoga philosophy, AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) is an international humanitarian and development organization promoting rights-based strategies to eradicate poverty and help create opportunities for everyone to realize their potential.  The mission of AMURT-Haiti is to strengthen local capacities through a participatory approach while fostering Universal values.

AMURT-Haiti started its programs in Haiti in 1986, beginning with education and community leadership in Port-au-Prince.  Since 2004 the strategy has expanded to include a series of grassroots development projects in the northwest Artibonite.  Our long-term programs in Haiti typically begin as a rapid disaster response, transitioning into long-term capacity-building initiatives. Our objective is to build trust and harmonious balance between socio-economic development, environmental sustainability, and individual and collective interests.

Since 2011, AMURT-Haiti has shifted its strategy from direct project implementation to capacity-building and accompaniment of its main partner LOCAL-Haiti (Local Capacity Alliance).

AMURT-Haiti has 3 branches with interconnected strategies and staff:

       REV (Renforcement et Éducation Vivante)

              Focus: Education, Teacher Training, Protection, Capacity Building

       TER (Transformation de l’Environnement Rural)

              Focus: Watershed Protection, Reforestation, Agro-forestry, Integrated Water Management

       ESPRI-Sel (Entreprenariat Social de Production et Iodation de Sel)

              Focus: Rural Social Entrepreneurship, Modernized Production & Iodization of Salt

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